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9 Steps to a Simpler Christmas

As you're only too aware, Christmas time often gets REALLY hectic, with the pressure to do, buy, and show up for everything 🥳 🤯. It can be overwhelming at times but there are ways to have a simpler Christmas.

Sometimes, it's just a matter of identifying what stresses you the most and finding ways to eliminate or reduce that stress.

Not sure where to begin? Here are 9 tips for a more relaxed and enjoyable Christmas:

1) Recognise stress triggers (school admin, family dynamics, social commitments etc)

2) Define your priorities for the season (what do you want your Christmas to look like?)

3) Kickstart your Christmas planning early (more thought earlier will result in less rush later - put a note in next year's diary!)

4) Opt for intentionally doing less for a simpler Christmas (focus on your priorities)

5) Evaluate and simplify your Christmas traditions (from cooking, gifts and decorations)

6) Shift the focus away from material aspects (focus on people and experiences)

7) Consider buying fewer things for a simpler Christmas (move away from buying more 'stuff' - another note for next year's diary!)

8) Maintain an attitude of gratitude (appreciate all the wonderful things you already have)

9) Embrace a slower pace for a more relaxed Christmas experience (factor in quieter moments).

And most of all, enjoy it!🙂 🤶🎄


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