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What trips you up most days?

We're all creatures of habit - regardless of whether the habits are good or bad! If most days you're struggling to get out of the front door with the right things in your bag, wearing clothes you feel great in, make up on that hasn't been rushed and doesn't make you look like 'Aunt Sally', the children with the right things packed in their bags, then have a think about what it is that specifically 'trips you up' most days. What could be tweaked to make the morning flow more smoothly?

Generally speaking, we all set the alarm at the same time each morning, have the same things that need to be done, have the same struggles day in day out, and usually end up feeling frazzled by 8.30am!

There are some quick wins though that really take no time at all to get sorted out. For example, if you like to wear make up, but most days you're rummaging through your make up bag to find the right things, then a quick win would be to spend just 10 minutes going through it. For starters, throw away anything that you never use, or that has been opened and gone passed its expiry date. Next, have a 'day to day' bag that only has the items in there that you use every day. If you only wear eye shadow and lipstick on a night out, then don't keep it in the day to day bag. Keep the bag simple and tidy. It'll save you many minutes (which, lets face it, we all need more of those in the morning), and you'll feel much less stressed if you can find what you need. No more rushing out the door looking like Aunt Sally!

Would love to know what gets in the way with everyone - do comment below and let me know. x

p.s. if you're not sure who Aunt Sally is - she was played by Una Stubbs in Worzel Gummidge - Google her and you'll see her with her 'Aunt Sally' make up on!


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