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The Big Spring Clean!

Spring cleaning isn’t just about tidying up and organising your living space; it will also positively affect your overall well-being.


Let’s delve into the benefits, best practices, and storage ideas, to make your spring-cleaning experience both effective and uplifting.

Key Health Benefits of a Spring Clean

More Headspace – A clear and organised home can go a long way towards clearing your mind and giving you back some headspace.

Productivity Boost - It can also reduce that feeling of overwhelm and cognitive overload thereby enhancing productivity. I’m sure many of you can relate to what it feels like when trying to work at a messy and cluttered desk, and on the flip side how much better you work when your desk is clear and tidy.

Stress Reliever - Decluttering is known to decrease stress and depression, plus it’ll give you a huge feeling of satisfaction when you start to feel like you’re getting back on top of things. In addition, you’ll reduce the stress of trying to find things – if everything has a home, you’ll know where to find it!

Better sleep a clean, organised and calm bedroom improves sleep – what’s not to like!

Improved Immune System - Strengthen your immune system by reducing dust and allergens. Don’t forget to keep on top of areas that are often overlooked such as window sills, ceiling cobwebs and skirting board.


Where to Start

Start Small pick an area, the fridge, a drawer or a cupboard. The key is to avoid overwhelm. Then decide and commit to when you’re going to tackle that area.

Declutter First before cleaning or dusting, declutter the area. For example, with the fridge, I find emptying it first the best way to start. Once it’s empty, give it a really good clean. And then go through the contents and throw away anything that is past it’s use by date. Only then do you put things back. For other areas, such as drawers or wardrobes, the same applies. Once you’ve taken everything out, sort into categories – to keep, to donate to charity, to be recycled, or to be thrown away.



Create Storage Solutions having decluttered, decide how you want to store everything. Ideally reuse or repurpose storage that you already have, but if you need to buy more, think carefully about where everything will be kept and accessed. For example, if you need a new box file – where will this go?  There is no point buying something only for it to be put on the top shelf in a cupboard as it’s unlikely you’ll get it down every time you need to file something – and then the pile of paperwork will build up again.

Create Space creating more space in your home helps that feeling of calm. In every cupboard or drawer, aim for space rather than squeezing as much as you can into it. For example, in your wardrobe go for space saving coat hangers like these from Amazon Or in your drawers, these drawer organisers are fantastic: Google is your friend in here!



Enjoy the Process this is so important. Think of your home being organised and calm. No more scrabbling through cupboards or drawers trying to find things, no more filling up the cupboards or fridge with items you already have – the list of benefits is endless.


Remember, spring cleaning isn’t just about a spotless home; it’s an opportunity to rejuvenate your mind, body, and surroundings. So put on your favourite playlist, grab your cleaning supplies, and embrace the transformative power of a well-organised space! 🌸🧹

If you would like another pair of hands to help get you organised, please do get in touch (here). My 2-hour blitz sessions are a fantastic way to get the ball rolling.


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