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A day in the life of a personal concierge

When I tell people what I do for a living, they often ask “what does that mean?”

It’s a good question! A personal concierge isn’t an every-day profession! Recently a networking colleague asked me this question and it got me thinking….. I’ve really enjoyed putting together this ‘day in the life’ of me! I hope you enjoy reading it.

It's a Tuesday, and the sun is shining - today is going to be a good day!

6.15am: alarm goes off, I get up and go downstairs for a cup of coffee (I really enjoy this bit of me time each morning) and I quietly go through my to do list for the day.

7am: I’m showered, bunnies are fed and let outside, the table is laid for breakfast and it’s time to wake the children (& husband!)

7.15am: Children woken – again (I’m not the only one am I?)

7.30am: Children downstairs for breakfast.

8.30am: Leave for school run.

9am: It’s time to head out for a client meeting, via the post office to send a client’s letter registered post.

9.30am: Arrive at client's house. Today I had calls to make to various utility companies, as well as complete some household admin and filing. I also helped my client to hang some new pictures on the walls upstairs – they look lovely!

11.30am: Walk home via the supermarket to collect some veg for supper (If working locally I try to walk to keep my step count acceptable!). En-route I receive a call from a client asking for some help choosing some tiles for his new bathroom, so I arrange to pop in.

12.30pm: Arrive at client’s and discuss tile options and whilst there took the opportunity to get some financial paperwork signed for his financial advisor. It’s all about multi-tasking!

12.45pm: Back home and I scan the paperwork and email it over to the financial advisor. Next, I call a window cleaner to arrange cleaning another client's windows.

Lunch is eaten between calls!

1.30pm: Calls to various venues regarding an 80th birthday party I'm helping a client organise for her mother. Looks like it'll be a lovely party and so nice to be organising small events again as the restrictions lift!

2-3pm: Focus on a new business project I'm working on with my lovely friend and colleague, Tracy Hammond - today's task was looking at different colour options and their meanings, plus colour charts to help decide on our brand colours. Tinkered with some ideas for a logo for the new business.

3-4pm: Collect children from school. They had a good day!

4.30-5.30pm: Review of final proof of a book Tracy and I have written.

6-8pm: A bit of downtime with the children followed by supper for all of us. Bedtime for the children.

8.45-9.15pm; Review to do list from today to make sure I've done everything - tick. Review what needs to be done tomorrow - tick. Tidy desk – tick.

9.15-10.15pm: Telly and some downtime. Bedtime.

Honestly no two days are the same for me (and I know this is true for many working parents) but I very much love working with my clients and making it all fit in around my family.

If you’d like to find out if my personal concierge services could help you, please email me


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