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Decluttering... 5 Top Tips

September is often cited as the new January in terms of setting goals, and getting back on track.

So, for those with ‘declutter the house’ on their to do list, here are my 5 top tips on how to get started:

Start by being clear about what you’d like to achieve

Set yourself some goals & a timeline, but be realistic & start small.

Commit to doing it & allocate some non-moveable time in your diary

It’s easy to find something else to do instead of organising your space, but putting some time in the diary can go a long way towards making sure you actually stick to your goals.

Start small – pick a drawer or cupboard to begin with

Starting with a drawer or cupboard is quick & easy, & often all you need to get the ball rolling & into ‘decluttering mode’!

Empty the space & remove anything that doesn’t belong there. Rehoming anything that doesn’t belong in that space is key. If you don’t need it or use it, get rid of it (ideally by recycling it or donating it to a charity shop). Charity shops can take most things (although worth checking with your local shop first if there’s anything they won’t take). And for clothes, don’t forget to check out if you have a local clothes exchange (e.g. The Exchange Henley).

Once, you’ve taken out what isn’t needed, give the space a clean before putting everything back, neatly & in order. Think about how that space is used. If it’s your wardrobe, do you like to have everything organised by type of item? For example, all your shirts hanging together organised by colour, or do you prefer to have outfits grouped together? If it’s a drawer, then what is that drawer for? What item is used most? Frequently used items are often better placed at the front of the drawer, for example.

Give everything a home

To make keeping your space tidy & organised in the long run, everything should have a home. If the coats have a hook in the hall way, then that’s where they should go when they’re not being used (rather than over the back of a chair!). If the car keys have a box in the kitchen drawer, then that’s where they should go when you get home. There are lots of great storage boxes & dividers online – all great for making things easier to find, & saving you time (and money) in the long run. Once everything has a home, let the family know so they can help keep on top of it.

Work through each space bit by bit

There are lots of ways to declutter from spending a block of time blitzing the space, to doing a little bit every day. My advice would be to be realistic about what you can achieve & in what time frame and commit to doing that. Whatever you decide, don’t bite off more than you can chew!

Most of all, enjoy the process – think of how you’ll feel when you open that drawer, or cupboard and find everything arranged properly, and you can find exactly what you need, and in no time at all. No more rummaging for something that may or may not be there!

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