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Kids' Artwork - what to do with it

This idea popped up on one of my social media feeds yesterday, so I wanted to share it as I think it is such a good idea – in fact I can’t believe I haven’t thought about doing it before now! 💡

Anyone with children or grandchildren will no doubt be able to relate to this - and that’s having cupboards full of artwork that the children have brought home from school – none of which you ever look at, plus it takes up precious space. 🥺

So, why not keep everything in one place and create a digital artbook with all their favourite drawings and paintings in? 😀

There are plenty of digital book providers out there (,,….), so there are no shortage of options, but it’s worth doing a quick bit of research to work out which provider can offer what you need.

Below is a link to an article I found on snapfish with tips on how to create your book:

..... they talk of scanning the work in, although in some cases a home scanner may not be big enough to scan your little one’s masterpieces so you could opt for taking a photo of it instead - here's another link to an article on that has some good tips for taking photos on your phone, so both articles are worth a read.

I hope this helps. It will certainly be moved to the top of my to do list!👍

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