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A personal concierge - the benefits

From time to time, people ask me about the benefits of using a personal concierge service, so I thought I’d share some thoughts here….

A concierge service can arrange every aspect of your life that you don’t have the time, the expertise, or the inclination to do yourself – all with a view to freeing up your time. Services are aimed at those who lead busy lives (which seem to be most of us these days!), and who would like (or need) someone to help manage their lives. This goes some way towards giving those people back the extra hours they’ve been craving.

On a day to day basis, tasks could be (but are no means limited to) running errands, taking clothes to the dry cleaner, filing paperwork, stocking up the fridge, or security checking your home while you’re away. Equally, if you need a dinner party organising, research into a holiday, finding a good cleaner, decluttering children’s bedroom, or organising a filing system, a good concierge service is there to help.

Generally speaking, you can hire a personal concierge for a couple of hours a week, or on an ad-hoc project basis, depending on your requirements.

The key thing is to find someone that you like and trust. Then you can sit down and work out what you can outsource to them (even if it is your entire to do list!).

Here is a link to a good article:

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