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Garage Decluttering Project

A really lovely review from a client - thank you Penny!

"If I tell you how great is Rebecca I will lose her! But she deserves the highest praise. She turns her hand to anything and she plans how to get you get the result you want. So you don't just get the job done, you get it done absolutely right.

I asked Rebecca to sort out the emptying of our huge garage. A massive task which she accepted with enthusiasm. She had the idea of photographing and cataloguing it all so that family, children, gardeners, decorators would all help.

Rebecca is efficient, positive, effective and organised . I just know she is capable of organising 50 such garages all at once whilst running her family and having time for her hobbies and her friends. She is a true professional. But she is our secret so do not tell anyone? Shhh!"

Penny Holley, Wedding Weekends, RG4 (

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