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Day to Day Care

This morning I went to see a client who is in her 80s – I see her once a week to help her go through her post, pay any bills, take meter readings, make appointments, do her weekly online shop, and anything else that needs doing that keeps her ‘life laundry’ under control and generally makes her life easier.

Whilst there today, it made me realise how very hard it can be for those who don’t use technology – so much of what we do these days is online, and while most of us take it for granted that we can just logon and pay the bills, submit meter readings, find a phone number etc, for those that don’t have access to the internet, or struggle to use it, life can become very complicated and frustrating.

It’s having moments like these that remind me of how lovely it is to have a business that can provide another pair of capable hands to those who need it!

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