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dying to declutter

We live, we die... So let's get organised

If there's one thing in life that's guaranteed...

it's death.

Think for a moment about your loved ones left behind having to deal with the formalities.


Would they be able to find your paperwork? And if they can, then is everything up to date?

Is there a better reason to organise your life admin?


More freedom for you in life, less stress for those when you die.

Living and dying neatly.


We are all going to die...

None of us will be going to our own funeral...

There is no getting away from these facts...

We asked people what state their personal paperwork was in.

"It's all over the place"

"Who cares about that?"

Think about this, a loved one has died, you are in deeply emotional state and now you are trying to locate important paperwork.

This little book is here to help you...

"Popping your clogs" is not a choice but being organised is.



“I lost a loved one and locating the necessary paperwork was a nightmare! This book has really helped me to get my stuff in order.” 



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