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September is the new January

How is everyone feeling about getting back into the swing of things now that the children are back at school? We've had a big change in our family as one of the children has started secondary school - no more nipping over the road 5 mins before the bell goes - we now need to factor in a car journey so we get to school by 7.50am, and then back home in time to get the other daughter into school for 8.30am. Life really is one big juggling act isn’t it!

Whilst I can’t control the traffic, or the endless school admin that hits my inbox each day (seriously… how many emails and WhatsApp messages!?), I do feel far better about the juggle if the elements of life I can control are nicely organised and my skills with paperwork organisation, decluttering, holiday research and general life admin are all part of the service I offer as a personal concierge and ‘professional organiser.’

Three things I can do to help get you organised:

1. Organise your paperwork. Have you let your paperwork pile up over the summer? Is your to do list the length of your arm? I can either take your ‘shoebox’ full of papers and organise them for you or spend some time with you to offer advice and help you get back on track.

2. Declutter your house. As we change seasons, decluttering can often bring about the feeling of ‘I don’t know where to start’; summer clothes need to be packed away, perhaps your children’s toys need to be sorted and many of my clients like to start thinking about being organised for Halloween, Bonfire Night and of course, Christmas. I can help you to get started - I promise it’s a marvellous sense of achievement!

3. Planning a holiday? Whilst travel still isn’t as simple as it once was, holidays, whether abroad or within the UK, are back on the agenda but it can sometimes feel like there isn’t the time to research and plan. Let me help you. I can do the research for you and provide a handful of options for your next break.

I always like to set goals as the seasons change – now is a really good time to think about what you'd like to achieve between now and the end of the year.

I for one, have been brought up short by my daughter 'suddenly' being very grown up and going to secondary school - where have all those years gone? It only seemed like yesterday that she was still a baby! Cherish every moment of your life, enjoy the little things and, if you feel you need more time to do more of what you enjoy, let me take care of some of your life admin or ‘life laundry’ (as I like to call it!).

To get in touch, please give me a ring or email me

07495 636671


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