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Embrace Sustainability: 8 of my tried & tested brands for eco-conscious busy women

It may seem strange to read a blog post about embracing sustainability written by someone who organises people’s lives for a living, but as it’s Great Big Green Week from the 8th-16th June here in Henley where I live, plus World Refill Day on the 16th June, sustainable living and eco-friendly products are very much forefront of my mind.  Sustainability is also key to the way I work with my clients. When decluttering, for example, I always aim to reuse existing storage where possible rather than suggest buying new, donate unwanted clothing to the local charity shops, and recycle paperwork (where no sensitive information is on it – in which case it’s shredded).

In our fast-paced lives, finding ways to simplify our daily routines whilst being mindful of our environmental impact can be challenging, to say the least. Going to the supermarket with the intent of not coming home with a trolley full of plastic covered products is easier said than done. In fact, it can feel like an uphill battle just trying to do the right thing, not to mention often very expensive.

Luckily, many innovative UK-based brands are dedicated to offering accessible, sustainable solutions for the home, helping us achieve a smoother, greener lifestyle without adding to the daily juggle! Here are eight products and services that I love that you can easily incorporate into your lives.

1. Ecover: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Essentials

This brand offers a range of cleaning products made from plant-based, biodegradable ingredients. Whether it’s laundry detergent, dish soap or surface cleaners, Ecover ensures your home stays clean while being kind to the environment. Plus, their refill system reduces plastic waste, making it easier to maintain a sustainable cleaning routine. We use their washing up liquid and fabric conditioner at home, both of which are brilliant – gone are the days of buying eco products only to find out they don’t work! We wash out the bottles when they’re finished and refill them locally (they have over 700 refill stations country wide too).

Website: Ecover

2. Splosh: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

I love this brand. Splosh offer a variety of eco-friendly vegan, septic tank safe products such as hand soap, washing up liquid, shower gel and laundry detergent. Your first purchase includes their bottles which are delivered full and ready to use. From then onwards you keep the bottles and just buy the refills (we use the hand soap and shower gel – both come in a variety of fragrances too). The refill pouches can then be sent back to be reused, or you can take them to a Splosh stockist who will return them for you.

Website: Splosh


3. Spruce: Natural, non-toxic, zero waste cleaning products

Another favourite! As with Ecover and Splosh, they also produce cleaning products. You buy your eternity bottle and from then on you just buy the refills. Refills are plastic free and come in little sachets that you add to your bottle along with some tap water. The empty sachets can then be cut up and put into the compost bin. They are very cost effective, work a treat, and smell amazing so I would definitely recommend giving them a go. The other great thing is you can set up a subscription, meaning you never run out!

Website: Spruce

4. Bower Collective: Refillable Home and Personal Care

Bower Collective offers a wide range of refillable and sustainable products for home and personal care. By focusing on reducing single-use plastic and promoting a circular economy, Bower Collective makes it easy to switch to eco-friendly alternatives. Products are also sourced and produced in the UK.

5. Evolve Organic Beauty: Natural & Organic Beauty Products

I love Evolve and have been using their artisanal natural and organic skin and hair care products for years. They are very affordable and come beautifully packaged in 100% recycled FSC grass paper cartons. Do check them out.

6. Who Gives A Crap: Sustainable Paper Products

Switching to Who Gives A Crap for your toilet paper, kitchen roll, and tissues is a simple yet impactful change. Their products are made from 100% recycled materials or sustainable bamboo. Beyond sustainability, they donate 50% of their profits to improve sanitation in developing countries. Their colourful packaging is great too!

7. The Cheeky Panda: Bamboo-Based Tissue Products

The Cheeky Panda transforms bamboo, a fast-growing and sustainable resource, into biodegradable and eco-friendly tissue products. Their range includes toilet paper, facial tissues, and kitchen roll that are available from Ocado, Milk & More, Boots, Waitrose and Whole Foods.


8. Riverford Organic: Organic Food Delivery

Riverford simplifies healthy eating with their 100% organic veg delivery service. They offer a wide range of seasonal organic, ethically-sourced produce and groceries delivered right to your doorstep in sustainable packaging. 80% of their veg is UK grown and 100% of their meat is British. By supporting local farmers and reducing food waste, Riverford makes it easy to eat well and do good for the planet.

Website: Riverford

These days, there are plenty of fantastic eco-friendly products available for those who want to make a positive change by incorporating them into your daily lives. It doesn’t have to be complicated - the key thing is to find brands and products that really work for you. Products that aren’t hard to source, do what they’re supposed to do, can be refilled / recycled in a straight-forward manner and that don’t cost the earth (pun intended!). It’s the little things that make a big difference!

For more thoughts, tips and tricks on how to make the little changes in our lives, follow me over on Instagram or Facebook.

If you'd like to free up some precious time to spend on the things that bring you joy, I'd love to help. I offer 2 Hour Blitz and Streamline Packages to help women gain control of their busy lives and feel on top things again. From establishing systems and implementing organisational solutions to supporting you with that lingering 'to-do' tasks, I will get you back on track and feeling positive. Simply call  07495 636671 or email me for a free consultation to discuss how best I can help you.


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