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An excerpt from "Dying to Declutter" my recently published book

This month I am sharing with you an excerpt from a recently published book “Dying to Declutter – A Twist on Decluttering” – written by my good self and my lovely friend and colleague, Tracy Hammond (available now on Amazon). I hope you enjoy reading this little taster of it!

Personal Computers

Can you remember when you happened across your first computer?

Tracy - in my third year maths lesson

Rebecca - we had our IT lessons at secondary school on BBC micros

For so many, computers have always been part of their lives.

We decided to give this subject a chapter of its own; after all we do so much online on our phones and tablets. Now indulge us, if you will, a tablet when we were young was a yucky big white thing you had to swallow when you had a headache or referred to as a bar of soap!!

Sensible precautions

This subject is ever-changing with regard to safety, security and what we should and should not do online.

We’ve highlighted areas below purely to get you started.

· Do not give your password, PINs or memorable information out to anyone

· Do not click any unknown downloads

· Do not open any messages from people or companies you don’t know

The best advice is if in doubt don’t do anything; seek advice.

Passwords, PINs, two step verification, memorable information, identifying questions to open our accounts ………it’s endless and ever-changing.

One chapter alone will not cover, or indeed keep up with it all, but we want to open up your thinking. It is vital that you follow sound and up-to-date advice and keep secure the physical stuff – iPads, phones, computers, hard drives and laptops.

In fact, computer seems such a dated word now doesn’t it? This takeover of our lives has massively changed the way we live. Who needs an Encyclopaedia Britannica these days? Everything seems to be at our fingertips and we all have a friend in Google. Also, we now all have, and will leave, our very own digital footprint.

Rebecca’s reminders

· Are your usernames, passwords, PIN numbers etc stored somewhere safely?

· Are all your devices backed up - that could be to an external hard drive or to the cloud, or indeed to both?

· Do you have virus software installed on your computer? If not it’s easy to get and well worth it.

· Are your devices insured?

· As with paperwork, any files on your computer or your phone are worth filing properly. If your online filing mirrors your off-line filing, it can make life much easier, particularly if someone else ever needs to look for something.

· Don’t forget to delete any digital accounts you no longer use - email accounts for example.

· Destroy your hardware professionally and securely.

· Always keep in mind your digital security and safety. If in doubt seek advice!

I hope you enjoyed reading these tips. ‘Dying to Declutter – A Twist on Decluttering’ is packed full of helpful advice and hints, nudging you gently towards more organised paperwork so you can free up your time to be doing ‘better things’.

It also means that when you die, those left behind (at an already distressing time) won’t have the stress of finding your papers and files, locating your passwords and PINs in order to deal with formalities.

The result….’living and dying neatly’.

Don’t forget too that ‘dying neatly’ will be the ultimate gift you leave to your loved ones when you die.

Purchase my book via Amazon.


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