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Your trend-less wardrobe

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

We are so pleased to welcome Jess Farrell, founder of Life Styling as our Guest Blogger this month. Enjoy!

We are entering into an era where your individual attributes are far more important then trends. Fast fashion no-longer serves for a sustainable life.

Hi, let me introduce myself. I’m Jess the founder of Life Styling. I believe every home is different, every style is unique, and every wardrobe has its own character. They all have one thing in common; they all deserve to be celebrated. At Life Styling, we want to showcase your style, give you clarity and restore your peace of mind, not just in the moment, but for a lifetime. Our vision isn’t just to transform homes and wardrobes. What we value most, is driving life-altering changes and inspiring our clients become the best version of themselves. Life Styling is built on 4 pillars; Simplicity, Style, State of Mind and Sustainability. Everything we do, we do with the goal of creating ease, expressing style, cultivating positive mindsets and protecting the environment.

A huge passion of mine is to help empower women to live a life they love through their home & wardrobes. Working with what you have in your existing wardrobe and breath new life in. We can remove the stress of our daily routines of saying ‘I have nothing to wear and restore clarity and confidence with your wardrobe choices.

So how can this be achieved? Should you organise first, then look at your style second? My humble opinion is to start with the foundations - thats you and your style. Through understanding your body shape, colour and style ,you empower yourself to be able to organise through what you have and re-work your wardrobe for you. We call this your Style Guide which can be achieved through self analysis and our Capsule Wardrobe Sessions. You will also find Impulse buying will be a thing of the past once you have your style guide. After all, whats the point of organising your wardrobe only to over-fill it with more items that you may not feel 100% amazing in right?

One of Life Stylings unique services is wardrobe organisation. With this solution, we create a capsule collection of versatile outfits. We offer something deeper, a focus on long-term sustainable style that we believe improves our client’s lives exponentially.

As Summer nears, its a great time to take advantage of the coming season and giving your wardrobe or other problem area a rebirth of its own. Not sure where to start, our free Capsule Starter Guide is the perfect tool to get you started. After all, the ultimate goal is to support you to put outfits together quickly and effortlessly.


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