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Spring cleaning, getting organised & decluttering

Now that Spring is officially here, if your thoughts are turning to Spring Cleaning / getting your home organised, over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some tips that will hopefully help get you on your way.

Rather than have ‘declutter the house’ on your to do list, tackle each room, or space one by one, otherwise it can feel very over whelming and be less likely to get done. Often just starting with a drawer or small cupboard is a good way to get started as it’s usually quick and easy:


For drawers, to avoid getting half way through and then saying, I’ll come back to it later (or never!), I tip everything out onto the floor – that way you have to do it! Empty out the contents and wipe out the drawer so that it’s clean. Next, bin anything and everything you don’t need…. Loose staples, broken rubbers, old keys, crumpled post it notes, half used cake candles - everything! Then return any items that shouldn’t have been in the drawer in the first place to their correct home, e.g. the children’s colouring pens could go back into their pen box, and the spirit level could go back into your tool box. If you have any Tupperware containers, these are great for keeping the drawer tidy moving forward and creating usable compartments so you know where things are. Alternatively, you can buy great drawer dividers online - like this for example: Even if you have lots of ‘bits’ that don’t have a home elsewhere in the house, at least you know where they are and that they're stored tidily away. Here are a couple of before and after photos of a kitchen drawer I’ve recently sorted out as part of a kitchen declutter.

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