rclm offers you peace of mind by visiting you or a loved one at home on a regular basis, helping out with household admin, or by running errands.

day to day personal support

  • Paying bills - either online or by posting cheques

  • Submitting meter readings

  • Renewing parking permits

  • Reviewing utility bills to ensure you're on the best deal

  • Household admin & filing

  • Errand running, e.g. trips to the PO or collecting prescriptions

  • Assist with property maintenance, e.g. arranging & liaising with home services to ensure that any work is carried out correctly & at the right price

  • Grocery shopping

  • Driving you to and from appointments, e.g. dentist or doctor

These are examples of services I can provide, but all requests are considered so if you don't see something on the list, just ask! Services will be carried out by rclm, or outsourced using the best & most cost-effective resource for the job.